Teaching at Corepower Yoga

Getting hired at Corepower Yoga was exciting because I had been going to classes there for a year and the instructors are all wonderful. Unfortunately for me, the excitement dissipated within a month. The studios are wonderful, students are amazing, but the ROI on time spent wasn’t there for me. There are also certain expectations of sales to move up in the totem pole…typical for a corporate company. Below is a list of all pros and cons from my short stint there.


1. Yogis of all ages and ethnicities

2. Good acoustic and heating in studio (decent amenities for showers)

3. A lot of feedback from yogis before and after class once you get to know them

4. Paid training classes to improve teaching

5. Free classes for interns and instructors (+1)

6. Lots of opportunity to sub for other instructors




1. Pay is minimum wage and untimely

2. Time commitment is huge (you have to arrive 30 min before class and stay 30 min after class to check in students, charge people for towels, water, etc.)

3. No pay for admin time (making playlists/sequencing)

4. Lack of diversity in peer teachers 

5. Selling teacher trainings as part of a rating system

6. Amateur management

7. Intern period for 30 classes 

8. Limited time slots for newbies

After figuring out the pros and cons, I decided that I would practice at Corepower to support for fellow yogi teachers but will definitely teach elsewhere as there are many other studios that pay teachers to skill accordingly. Corepower generally has a high turnover of instructors and most of them are in their early 20s. The company incentivizes selling of teacher trainings through bonus structure mentioned here.