Summer 2023: What I’m currently watching

1. Queendom Puzzle
I’ve been waiting for a summer survival show since Boys Planet ended a while ago. Episode 1 had such a nostalgic throwback to Hyori’s Toc Toc Toc. Excited for more to come this season.

2. See you in my 19th Life
Such a cool concept of remembering past lives and it’s also interesting how her 18th and 19th life are intersecting. Turtles definitely live a long life…

3. King The Land
I had low expectations for this but Yoona (SNSD) and Junho (2PM)’s somewhat rom com vibe has been working. It’s a silly drama that’s a really easy watch so far.

4. Heartbeat
Airing soon on June 26th, I’m already mentally preparing for this comedic drama with Taecyeon who’s actually very good at being the villian.

5. Numbers
Airing soon in a couple of days on June 23rd, I’m finally ready for a business related revenge drama since Reborn Rich.