It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Episode 7 & 8


I am so jealous of Moon Young in this scene. She gets a hair cut and instantly has a weight lifted off her shoulders. I desperately want a haircut… Then, she has the guy of her dreams tell her she’s pretty, not in a condescending way, not because he’s looking for something, but in a very sweet and genuine way. Why is Kim Soo Hyun’s acting soooo good?!!

I also don’t know how Moon Young deals with her sleep paralysis on the regular. I’m glad she’s got a little Mang Tae to catch all her nightmares. I’ve only felt sleep paralysis once when I first got to college and changed my sleeping schedule. It was the worst feeling ever not being able to move but you’re awake. I attribute it to my late night exercise right before bed… Never again! Sleep is too important.

It’s also super cute how Gang Tae is jealous as one of Moon Young’s fans approaches her for an autograph and photo. Of course, she has an eye out for his shiny and sharp calligraphy pen, calling it “handsome”. Gang Tae gets super jealous thinking that Moon Young called her fan handsome and stalks off after their coffee time. What is it with drinking ice Americanos every time they order coffee in dramas?

Episode 8 ends with Gang Tae finally taking his “safety pin” off. No longer holding in his emotions and really giving it to an abusive man that slaps Moon Young. Man can throw a punch…it’s even more interesting when the camera pans over that Moon Young with a rock behind her back the entire time. She drops it because Gang Tae “saves her”. If he didn’t, she was really going to give it to the domestically violent man.  And it’s just so her to respond that “It hurts” when Gang Tae asks if she’s okay. 

Moon Young’s adamant honesty about her feelings is really refreshing unlike other dramas! I can’t wait for those two to go on a trip together…and where is my freaking kiss’s been 8 episodes…