Corepower Yoga Auditions

CorePower holds its auditions on a monthly cadence in the Bay Area for any new instructors. The audition day usually lands on the last week of the month. If there are new studio openings, the audition dates will coincide with Intensives (training). Be sure to get on the email list of when auditions are happening as it’s difficult to get an audition slot.

My Audition Experience (May 2019)


After teacher training, I wanted to audition for CPY so I could start teaching asap. I opted out of extensions so I decided to do intensives for both Yoga Sculpt and C2. Intensives are a great and free way to get the training (similar to extensions). You learn to set intentions/themes and use music cues. Intensives are two whole days (usually a weekend) and you practice teach with the Master Trainer for your region.

Yoga Sculpt Audition

This was the first intensive I attended and I was super nervous when teaching with weights. The audition consists of a sculpt series* sections and auditions with about 4-5 other potential teachers in your group. For this audition, it is super important to do the muscle action cues. *Sculpt Series includes: Tricep Kickbacks, Narrow Rows, Wide Rows, etc. in chair post or crescent lunge (cueing from downward dog)

C2 Flow Audition

This was my second intensive and definitely a lot more similar to C1. This audition consists of a Sun B flow. Again, you book audition slots with 4-5 other instructors who will act as students in your class so doing assists and setting the intention here is super important. 

In total, the individual audition lasts for about 5 minutes. The entire audition is 30 mins with all the other yogis auditioning. After the audition, the trainers will ask each person to describe how teaching makes them feel in one word (supposedly to tell them a lot about your personality?)

Overall, quite an interesting experience as I’ve never auditioned for anything else in my life. I had lots of fun learning and developing more teaching skills. *Tip: Auditioning with folks that you feel comfortable assisting helps. I had several yogis in my audition group that helped each other out that way. I passed the C2 audition and was able to “intern” right away (more to come later).