Seoulbox’s “Best Box” Tasting

Overall Rating

I’m delighted to share a box of Korean snacks I tried recently from Seoulbox. All of the snacks were pretty new to me and this Seoulbox is more of a Busanbox. Packaged neatly and delivered by DHL, the box arrived on my doorsteps without a hitch. If you’d like to try, you can find it here

As an avid snack/chip eater, I have rated all of these from my least to most favorite. 

#16. Brown Sugar Salted Caramel : This is by far the worst of the bunch. Tastes like a weird but bland toffee  and was also expired as we received the package on the 2023.01.06. I don’t wish any person to eat this one…not even my enemies.

#15. Kkaebi Jelly: Smells and tastes artificial, tastes like blue raspberry and can blow bubbles in it for fun (not strawberry as advertised) Would just continue blowing bubbles and mixing for fun but would not eat this…

#14. Imperial Rice Cracker: Reminds me of Bin Bin, a little stale…ended up only eating one piece

#13. Fish Snacks: Not the spicy flavor shown, tastes like what I know to be dried fish snacks but more bland.

#12. Dalgona Stick Candy: has taste of dalgona and a little better tasting than the blue raspberry gel-like candy. It’s fun that you can see a shape like Squid Games.

#11. Jjin Cheese Chips: This is a lighter and not as good version of Cheeze-its with shape that is similar to Wheat Thins.

#10. Kkokko (Fried Chicken) Snack: Tastes sweet and looks like a tiny crunchy drumstick, looks > taste. Not a fan.

#9. Vegetable Omuk Chips : tastes like onion-flavor seasoning chips (light and airy)

#8. Paldo Ramen: Just doesn’t hit the same as Shin Ramen, was disappointed that this wasn’t the summer radish bibim myun as advertised…

#7. Plum Jelly: This is probably the best sweet gummy, there is a burst of flavor from this that reminds me of a peach gummy.

#6. Oat Heim: Korean version of a Pirouline vanilla cream wafer, interest take with oat milk for lactose intolerant folks 🙂

#5. Roasted Potato Texas Hot BBQ: Taste like a harder stick version of Pretz with BBQ seasoning

#4. Ground Pear Cider : Tastes refreshing with the ramen we cooked and it’s the perfect asian pear taste.

#3. Coffee Choco Cake This was a delicious choco-pie. Super surprising as it’s moist with good texture.

#2. Mediheal Aqua Linger Ampoule Mask: This was very hydrating and very comforting to use for sensitive skin during the winter months. I’ve been super dry this winder and would totally purchase this on my own.

#1. Roasted Gochugang (not Black Bean) Chips: As a person who can’t live life without chips, these tasted good with thin ridges, like Lay’s BBQ chips but better.  These were my #1 fave snacks.

Bonus Item: Shooky BT21 Mini Hand Fan: This is cute, but much too cold right now to be using a fan…

All in all, some cool discoveries with Seoulbox and I like that they have a storyline to go with the snacks that you’re trying, this was a summer Busan-themed gift box. I’m a little disappointed that there weren’t more snacks that I enjoyed. But I’m definitely buying those chips and face masks!

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