It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5 & 6


Gang Tae and Moon Young end up at a love motel where our female lead really takes it upon herself to make Gang Tae uncomfortable and feel guilty about calling her an “empty can”, devoid of anything real or emotions. She’s so badass for admitting her feelings so boldly and this definitely pisses off our 2nd female lead, Juri. She goes crazy from her common nice girl demeanor with Moon Young confessing boldly to Gang Tae.

There are plenty of flashbacks of Gang Tae feeling second in his mother’s love after his hyung with down syndrome. The phrase that “Moon Gang Tae belongs to Moon Gang Tae” foreshadows his own brother, Sang Tae wanting to walk his own path when the duo ends up living with Moon Young. We also find out that Gang Tae ends up almost drowning while saving his older brother, but gets saved by Moon Young.

My new favorite character is the hospital director who has extreme psychoanalyses skills. He is very curious and is trying to figure out why Moon Young’s dad has begun speaking. It’s super creepy as we still don’t know why he keeps wanting to strangle his own daughter to death. He also knows the right buttons to push with every patient and every person he encounters at his hospital.

I’m extremely excited for the next few episodes as Sang Tae and Gang Tae both start living in Moon Young’s haunted castle of a house. Can’t wait until there is more drama between our leads! 


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 3 & 4


Our main girl Moon Young has just the right amount of assertiveness!  I don’t know how she’s able to declare that she saw Gang Tae in her dreams. Such a boss! Love how she just speaks her mind that way. She’s even more hilarious when she asks Gang Tae if he wants to sleep with her loudly so that the rest of hospital could make assumptions about their convo. She has a way to keep him on his toes and I love the chemistry between the two!!!

Episode 3 was filled with action. I appreciate the diagnosis on why the patients act up the way they do whether their illness comes from the constraints come from parents, friends or society. It really touches on the point of why society believes mental illness is something to hide. I particularly like how this episode is able to touch on Gi-Do’s illness. Him showing up at his father’s campaign really drove it home with him wanting to be acknowledged vs. being hidden or fixed in a psychiatric hospital.

Episode 4 was emotional after Moon Young’s dad chokes her again and the whole story about Zombie Kid. Slightly depressing and gory. Again, the idea what the parents think the child needs vs what a child really wants. Moon Young and Gang Tae exchange some harsh words with one another. Even so, I really can’t wait as we are left Gang Tae looking for Moon Young in the rain (such a K-dramatic moment).

OST of the Week: Sam Kim’s Breath is soooooo good! Definitely on repeat and added to my next yoga playlist for July.

Crash Landing on You


Crash Landing on You is one of my top dramas for 2020 so far. It has two good looking main leads, awesome OST playlist, and a great plot! Albeit a little farfetched…but that’s what makes this romance so fun. Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) gets saved a bazillion times by Ri Jeong Hyuk (Hyun Bin) and somehow survives all the political madness of her family and the animosity between two countries. It’s also pretty hilarious how incapable she thinks Ri Jeong Hyuk is by questioning everything he does.

My favorite episodes were definitely when the whole crew was in “North Korea”. Love the concept of a simple lifestyle and how it goes against everything that happens in modern day South Korea. I’m sure people go to sleep a lot earlier with no electricity. Two of my favorite things about this world is that the pawn shop measures the value of everything by ‘weight’ and Captain Ri’s soldier group. Kim Joo Muk (Yoo Soo Bin) who is a secret K-drama fan (every can relate to binge-watching dramas) and Choi Ji Woo fan is definitely relatable.

Captain Ri is the perfect gentlemen and a wonderful main lead in every aspect, except for the fact that he’s had a fiance since the beginning of the series. This drama revolves around the fate and destiny that brought these two people together so I’m happy about the ending. Switzerland looks like a beautiful place to visit and definitely on my travel list. Who’s with me that these two should get together in real life?!


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Episode 2


I love this entire episode. The transitions between the real world and its fairy-tale like effects is so beautifully done. Even though some people might think that the storybooks are too grotesque, fairytales actually started out quite dark in storytelling. I’m impressed with Moon Young’s assertive nature when it comes to her company and with Seo Ye Ji’s acting skills! She really just does what she wants, so cool.

Our two main leads have an undeniably chemistry every time they look into each others eyes. We also discover the dark past of Gang Tae and his brother. How is a little boy that mature when his brother has down syndrome and his mother commits suicide… And what is this butterfly the keep on going about? I especially enjoyed it when Moon Young came to help Gang Tae and his brother in the middle of her book signing, it’s pretty awful how his brother was treated in public. It’s the best when the heroine comes to the rescue and surprises our male lead.

The relation that Moon Young makes about the red shoes she wears at the ending of the scene and how some things are meant to be no matter how much you avoid totally creeped me out. And finally what makes this episode 5 stars is the awesome ending OST (Heize(헤이즈) – You’re Cold (더 많이 사랑한 쪽이 아프대) I can’t wait til it’s out on Spotify. Definitely adding that to my next yoga playlist.