A Look Back: Dramas I “finished” in 2021

Here are all the Korean dramas I either tried to finish or finished in 2021. The best is at the bottom 😉 #dramalife

Snowdrop – This has to be one of the slowest dramas I’ve watched in a while. I was hoping for Crash Landing on You feels since the story is based in North Korea. Think I partly only watched this because Jung Hae In was in this drama…

Melancholia – Seeing math in real life was interesting but the teacher-student relationship was pretty questionable. Do agree that problem solving is only fun if it’s an interesting problem you want to solve.

School 2021 Was initially really excited to see them tackle concepts that impact students in Korea but mostly revolved around corruption in society. The actors and actresses were all very pretty but seemed to lack a bit of substance.

 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha – there isn’t much to say about this one since the storyline is about a woman who moves from the city to the country-side to start her dental practice. I actually didn’t even finish this one because of cancel culture from the scandal Kim Seon Ho…

Nevertheless – I only watched 1 episode of this because the drama promoted smoking, cheating, poor human values overall…smoking is the absolute worst and I can’t bring myself to enjoy even if both the actors are good-looking

Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim –  The young actors in this short 12 episode series were great, really rooting for both Nam Dareum and Kim Saeron.

My Roommate is a Gumiho – I can barely remember anything that happened in the drama besides the stereotypical story of the two main leads falling in love despite one of them being non-human. I actually quite liked Kang Hanna’s character and was definitely rooting for the 2nd female lead romance.

Doom at Your Service –  I’m a big fan of Park Bo Young but I couldn’t bring myself to get into the drama and didn’t finish. It was missing something and I wasn’t excited about the chemistry between the two main leads.

Vincenzo – One of my absolute favs from this year. This is probably the best thing I’ve watched with Song Joong Ki since his divorce and Taecyeon was a delight to watch as the evil-doer and his little bro was even more hilarious. There were subtle hints of romance but really enjoyed all the plotting of both teams. All the scenes where Song Joong Ki spoke Italian were pretty epic.

Squid Game – Such a big hit, finished in 24 hrs and in two sittings because it was so good. Then thought to myself how great a costume like this would be for halloween and was quite saddened that it became overrated. My halloween costume became the invitation card to squid game which is quite easy to make from cardboard.

Blue Birthday – This web series came up from thin air. Also another one I really enjoyed with younger actors and actresses that did so well. Also this drama inspired me to possibly get a retro camera. But good thing I didn’t, where would I even develop the film?!! Storyline was clever and the method to travel back in time was pretty cool.

That wraps it for K-dramas in 2021 for me. There were so many more dramas that came out in 2021: Penthouse series, Kingdom #2, etc. But I haven’t even attempted those. Most of the genre I enjoy are the slice of life rom coms. Here’s to a better 2022 #dramalife #2022